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HARKER HERALD @ WAYGOOD - New billboard artwork by Topsy Grewlike

The latest billboard to be put up outside Waygood Gallery & Studios on Old Shields Road is 15ft high photograph of a face.  However, the features on the face belong to not one, but three different people.

What is the bloody point? is a composite image made from original photographs by three members on the online group quivr on online photo sharing site (search for quivr). Artist Topsy Grewlike combined them into a questioning image about suffering, the artistic gaze and personal identity. 

Topsy said:
“Four men collaborated to play afresh with a dadist concern with masculine pain, creativity and identity in contemporary life, especially now as it manifests itself through the new media of the internet.”.

Topsy made the wax arrows seen in this image, which are part of the quivr project.  These arrows are also being used by a group of over 40 photographers on to provide and unifying thread for their wide range of subjects. The quivr project first began with the idea of researching through a visual project, the relationship between the real world and a virtual community.  The arrow was chosen to be the unifying object because it is the symbol most people use to navigate on a computer screen with the mouse pointer. 

Real and online groups created and submitted photographs of the wax arrows in a variety of situations and locations, fifty-five of which are also on display at Byker Metro Station until June 2007 in the quivr bykr flickr billboard which is part of Nexus’ Art on Transport scheme.  

Studio Development Artist, Topsy, who is also managing the Harker Herald project said:
“I find the online community of flickr particularly creative and willing to engage in using the opportunity that the site presents to work collaboratively as if it were a virtual studio.”

To accompany the project Waygood is producing a monthly postcard with that month's artwork.  These postcards sit together in a holder to create a desktop Calendar for 2007.  Contact Waygood (see below) for monthly calendar postcards and to request your calendar holder.

The Harker Herald billboard is on the Harkers Building at 548-560 Shields Road and can be seen on the left hand side of the road by passengers on the number 15 and 22 stagecoach buses from Walker to Byker, the 301 and 302 from the coast to town and by motorists travelling towards Byker on the A193 before the large retail park. It is located just after the large Siemens factory, and opposite the Parsons Turbine Hall. It is also a short walk from Chillingham Road or Walkergate Metro stations.

Who: Waygood Gallery and Studios
What: Harker Herald, billboard artwork
Where: 548-560 Shields Road, Byker, Newcastle upon Tyne
When: April 2007, artwork changes monthly
Further Information:
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