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- Billboard artwork by Paul Moss and Cecilia Stenbom

The second of Waygood Gallery & Studios’ art billboards in its Harker Herald project, Untitled (Dog & Pattern # 1) by Paul Moss and Cecilia Stenbom will be on display for the month of February as a billboard poster outside Waygood Gallery’s temporary home at 548-560 Old Shields Road between Byker and Walker.

A first time collaboration between Paul Moss and Cecilia Stenbom. Both artists are known for their interpretations of the everyday: Moss using information and materials taken from architecture and the urban landscape and Stenbom selecting subjects from places including fashion, mass media, and household technology.

The artists explained: “For Harker Herald we have created an image that combines our interests and responds directly to the billboard site and its potential audience. We want it to ask questions about how pattern influences opinion and judgement, simultaneously signalling high and low values, danger and decoration.”

The Harker Herald billboard is on the Harkers Building at 548-560 Shields Road and can be seen on the left hand side of the road by passengers on the number 15 and 22 stagecoach buses from Walker to Byker, the 301 and 302 from the coast to town and by motorists travelling towards Byker on the A193 before the large retail park. It is located just after the large Siemens factory, and opposite the Parsons Turbine Hall. It is also a short walk from Chillingham Road or Walkergate Metro stations.

Who: Waygood Gallery and Studios
What: Harker Herald, billboard artwork
Where: 548-560 Shields Road, Byker, Newcastle upon Tyne
When: Feb 2007, artwork changes monthly
Further Information:
- View the Waygood website

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