62,500metres - Group Show

‘The art of progress is to preserve order amid change and to preserve change amid order’ Alfred North Whitehead

11 emerging artists have made work in response to the space of the Victoria Baths, attempting to create work that is at once engaging and responsive to the bath's rich historic and aesthetic connotations. The show will be in two parts, the first using the two large pools as sites for large-scale sculptural work. The second using the basement beneath the pools, a space never previously open to the public, to show an assortment of sound and video installation.

The Victoria baths is a building in flux, since its closure in 1993 it has been in a perpetual state of regeneration and restoration. In this period it has played host to a variety of artists, dancers and photographers and has been the site of much creative activity. 62,500metres is the final art event in the baths before the process of restoration begins in earnest.