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over a - Launch and Discussion of Variant's Special Issue on Oil

Peacock Visual Arts, Aberdeen's centre for contemporary art, will be launching Variant magazine’s special issue devoted to the oil economy internationally, at the Aberdeen Trades Council.

Guests include trade unionists, Kari Bukve from SAFE in Stavanger, Norway and Jake Molloy, from OILC in Aberdeen. Also speaking will be Femi Folorunso, who was closely involved in the democratic struggle in Nigeria, and Owen Logan, Leigh French and Andy Cumbers as co-editors and contributors for this issue.

An open panel discussion will be chaired by Terry Brotherstone, head of the Oil Lives oral history project at Aberdeen University.

"Moving through the United States, the Middle East and the Niger Delta, this issue of Variant takes us from the southern tip of Latin America all the way to the Western coast of Norway. Devoted to oil, the writers take a multi-layered internationalist approach to the questions surrounding the commodity which Juan Pablo Alfonzo, a former Venezuelan oil minister, called the "devil's excrement." There are also many anti-war activists and environmentalists who will pinpoint oil as the root of all evil. What was compelling to us in preparing this issue was how the crisis of faith in the oil economy brings us to interconnected issues of hi-finance, the expansion of debt, enfeebled democracy and the chances for progressive social change." -Variant

Variant is a free magazine based in Glasgow, Scotland. It is available in both print and internet editions, and is distributed mainly though arts and cultural institutions through Britain and Ireland. Although nominally an arts and cultural bulletin, the magazine also deals with broader social and political issues, often from a left-leaning perspective.