Fay Incorporated: Production Space

"The activities of Fay Incorporated have always invoked curiosity, whilst the management attempt to resist definition, the workforce  continue to produce items that undoubtedly comment on working routines, repetition and the boundaries between creation and production."

Fay Nicolson, "Through the Manufactory", performative lecture delivered at "Repeat Repeat", Chester University, April 2007.

Fay Incorporated is an innovative project that takes place over two weeks at the Toilet Gallery in Kingston. Eight artists will become staff of this unorthodox company, clocking in and out, they will perform tasks that explore the relationships between time and labour, action and documentation, the artist and the artwork.

"For our Staff the repetitious action reiterates our emphasis on PROCESS and our idea of WORK as being a durational performance sustained throughout ones vocational life"

As part of this durational project a catalogue is being produced. This will discuss the ethos of Fay Incorporated and will explore the issues addressed through their work. Other artists have been invited to contribute pieces that will continue to address repetition, production and consumerism in the arts. Catalogues will be available both at the Private View and through the post, please contact Fay Nicolson at fay.incorporated@yahoo.co.uk if you would like to have one sent to you.

The Artists involved in this project are Fay Nicolson, Irene Arroyo Laguillo, Laura Cooper, Laura Cronin, Julie Elgar, Lyndsay Officer, Lorraine Smith and Roberta Vaz. The additional artists involved in creating the catalogue are Lizzie Gossling, Matt Lippiatt and Henrik Potter.

The Toilet Gallery is kindly supported by Domestos and Royal Kingston.