Support Structure - Gavin Wade and Celine Condorelli
Phase 6 in support of: Eastside Birmingham

Support Structure is an architectural interface which aims to create a space continuously reinvented by its users in relation to its context. It houses artefacts as well as activities and aids reconsideration of existing spaces as an impulse for future change.

Support Structure is an evolving collaborative project between architect Celine Condorelli and artist-curator Gavin Wade. Its aim is to design and create a universally adaptable support structure that approaches the specific rather than the generic; to achieve this, Support Structure is put through a learning process.

How can we support you?

Phase 6 of Support Structure focuses on Eastside, Birmingham as a site of future potential in flux. A series of temporary billboards and hand drawn placards are positioned for use across Eastside as a brief for the many ways that the people who inhabit the site would like to be supported. We asked the questions How can we support you and your business? And How can we support Eastside?

This booklet presents the set of briefs for support given to us by residents of Eastside and experts in the field of architecture/art who were also asked to give a definition of support. These definitions form the section Defining Support.

The seminar on support brings together Mark Cousins and Jaime Stapleton, two eminent figures in the fields of architecture and law to present and discuss how support functions in the built environment and support structures for cultural practice in the era of economic globalisation.

Mark Cousins is a British cultural critic and architectural theorist. He is the Director of General Studies and Head of the Graduate Program in Histories and Theories at the Architectural Association. He is also Visiting Professor of Architecture at Columbia University and at the University of Navarre, Pamplona.

Dr Jaime Stapleton is Associate Research Fellow in the School of Law at Birkbeck, University of London. He is an external consultant to the World Intellectual Property Organisation and an advisor to Cambridge University’s ‘Primary Sources on Copyright’ project. He is also part of the CRIR Group of researchers in residence in Christiania, Copenhagen, where his work focuses on concepts of ownership, property and cultural expression.

Associated events: seminar on support, Tue 1 May 2007 2 - 4pm
guest speakers: Mark Cousins & Jaime Stapleton
Lecture Room, UCE, Margaret Street, Birmingham, B3 3BX