Stick*Stamp*Fly looks into posters as a means to communicate an event, an opinion or a rumour, as well as objects of design in their own right. Selected from an open submission featured on criticalnetwork, the posters share a high level of inventiveness, whether in the message or the design. By giving equal attention to content and form, Stick*Stamp*Fly brings together graphic and communication design, music, advertising and art.

Stick*Stamp*Fly is both an exhibition and a stage for events informed by some of the submissions. The exhibition features over eighty posters by a variety of practitioners across the UK, many of whom previously unknown to Gasworks. While some posters act as a vehicle for uncanny proposals and projects, others vary from celebrating “chintz” to announcing products and services of the future. Rather than thematic, the display is the result of a free-association game proposed by Åbäke (one of the selectors) and played between the selectors and the show’s organisers.

The two events are mainly inspired by six of the exhibited posters. Both events set up unique situations by which the content of these posters are animated, and in some cases realised for the first time, transforming Gasworks’ exhibition space into a festival of interventions.

Stick*Stamp*Fly is the second in a series of open submission projects at Gasworks following the success of Blink, which invited applications from the field of animation during summer 2006.

POSTERS BY: Aliens Anonymous, Dominic Allan, Zeyep Arman, Nikolas Arvanitis & Laura Cherry, Marcos Ayala, Robert Bailey, Dan Baker, Mark Barker, Angus H Braithwaite, Butler-Williams, Julia Calver, Luis Carvajal and Annie Davey, Rachel Cattle & Steve Richards, Julie Caves, Toby Christian, Robin Clare, Leigh Clarke, Katie Cuddon, Janet Curley Cannon, Andrew Curtis, Müdwig Dans, Defy, Madeline Djerejian, Peter Donaldson, Ekave, Maryclare Foà, Yuen Fong Ling, James Ford, Andreas Gillespie, Dominique Golden, Stuart Gurden, Lewis Heriz, Russell Herron, Julie Hill, Tom Mowe & Simon Elvins, Ruth Höflich, Daniel Holliday, Rod Hunt, Mark Hutchinson, Mary Ikomadou & Andrea Francke, Ben Javens, Richard John Jones, Jay Krishner, Adam Latham, Amber Leigh, Graham Lister, Andy Merritt, Bryony Moore, Simon Morse, J.A.Nicholls, Simon Parkin, Avni Patel, Anthony Peters, Kit Poulson, Kirsten Powell, Ruth Pringle, Harry Pye, Pernille Leggat Ramfeld, Ines Rebelo, Kieren Reed & Abigail Hunt, Deborah Rigby, Ruth Rogers, Jessica Rost, Tajender Sagoo, Savage, Katie Schwab, Andro Semeiko, Dylan Shipley, Tom Sowden, Dafna Talmor, Samuel Thomson, Jonathan Trayner, Beatrice Turner, Rachel Tweddell, Cherie-Marie Veiderveld, Kevin Ward, Michael Whitby, Scott Woolson, Everton Wright, Yoke & Zoom, Neil Zakiewicz, Alex Zika, Muna Zuberi.

SELECTORS: Åbäke, Graphic Designers , Alessio Antoniolli, Director, Gasworks, Anna Colin, Exhibitions Curator, Gasworks.


Opening Night Thu 9 Aug, 7 - 9pm
With live music from Butler-Williams.

It’s Going To be a Long Night Thu 23 Aug, 7 - 11.30pm
Selected poster designers are invited to Gasworks to share their projects, passions and products in what will be a festival of activities:

7pm: Artist Tony Hayward presents The World According to Viewmaster, a short history of 3D screening.

Artist Kate Cuddon talks about Common Fish.

-Puss and Mew Gin Bar: Artists Luis Carvajal and Annie Davey will be serving Puss and Mew London Dry Gin throughout the evening.
-Maryclare is a Liar*: Visitors and special guests are invited to take the lie detector test.

9.30pm Film screening of El Ángel Exterminador dir. Luis Buñuel, 1962 (95min)

*Exclusive appearance by Maryclare.