PAINTED DESERTS - Changing London landscape (see below)
New exhibition capturing the changing London Landscape in the run up to the 2012 Olympics
Thu 3 May - Sat 23 Jun 2007

BEING AT ST CLEMENTS - A one night event showing work created by patients and artists within a London psychiatric hospital.
Tue 24 Apr 2007, 6 - 9pm, Live show 7pm Click here for further information

PAINTED DESERTS: Changing London landscape

Painted Deserts is a photographic installation that responds to the momentous changes taking place within the London Olympic area of the Lower Lea Valley and the MOMART warehouse fire site at Leyton. It aims to capture the changing geographical, emotional and metaphorical landscape of these controversial sites through the documentation of their clearing and rebuilding.

Using as its backdrop large scale images of the Olympic area, a vast, 3500 sq ft sandpit in the shape of the East London Olympic site fills the outdoor courtyard at SPACE. Through the use of containers the audience will be invited to create their own landscape, repeatedly flattening and reconstructing imagined stadia and other buildings. This resonates with images of the destroyed MOMART warehouse and the clearing, demolition and rebuilding of that site projected within the internal gallery space.

Since 2003 Artists Caroline Christie and Bobby Lloyd have attempted to mark the ongoing process of change affecting the local landscape, infrastructure and communities of the Lower Lea Valley area. Christie and Lloyd began working together out of a shared curiosity for in a changeable territory that resonated with their independent experiences of working within other unpredictable urban environments outside of the UK. These include post-conflict zones such as Bosnia, Kosovo and Afghanistan. From 2004 they have collaborated under the name of On Site Arts.

Christie and Lloyd are exploring the crossover between different models of photographic practice and the way artists can traverse a range of settings and agendas. Sensitive to the political climate, On Site Arts continues to work with those communities due to be relocated as a result of the Olympic building programme in East London. and has established itself as an organisation able to pick up on themes that are key to the political agenda.

Associated events:
A symposium will be held at SPACE, Sat 23 Jun 2007 addressing the theme of artists and photographers working in relation to the London Olympics.

Painted Deserts is funded by Arts Council England and sponsored by the Murphy Group