SKART - Network of Embroideries

An exhibition in the windows of shops, cafes, takeaways and restaurants along Broadway Market, Hackney.

Taking the German and Balkan folk tradition of household embroidery as a starting point, Belgrade-based artists SKART met strangers, friends and acquaintances to discuss life in London during their residency in Hackney in February 2007. Their conversations were transformed into two-line rhymes and illustrated using a fast embroidering technique, covering subjects such as work, moving home, childhood memories, war time stories and regeneration.

This four day public exhibition of the resulting ‘embroideries’ along Broadway Market include work by students from London College of Communication, elderly residents living in Bayton Court and Adelaide Court (Hanover in Hackney Housing Association) and other individual activists, artists and writers.

‘Embroideries’ can be found along Broadway Market, in the windows of: Art Vinyl, Bradburys, Broadway Gents Hair Stylist, Buggies and Bikes, Crossbow Wear Ltd., F. Cooke, Gossip Café, La Vie Boutique, L’Eau à la Bouche, Norlington Chemist Ltd. and The Broadway Bookshop.

SKART (meaning 'scraps' in Serbian) is an experimental art and design group, founded in 1990 by Dragan Protic and Djordje Balmazovic in Belgrade, Serbia. This project forms part of a larger Network of Embroideries that includes work by groups and individuals from Serbia, Germany and Austria.

Special thanks go to the shopkeepers of Broadway Market, Lieve Carchon, Leonie Clarke (Hanover in Hackney), Valentina Gottardi, Sandy Lloyd and to all the contributors of the Network of Embroideries, Hackney. Skart’s residency in London was part of the art / research programme Reunion, and was supported by Visiting Arts, The Austrian Cultural Forum, London, SPACE and Hanover in Hackney.