RE -
Johanna Billing, Omer Fast, Felix Gmelin, Clemens von Wedemeyer

n exhibition of works that explore the re-presentation of historical and filmic events and in some cases the conflation of the two. The works are testament to the idea that ’the most relevant prefix for contemporary practice is ‘re-‘, re-cycle, re-look, re-stage, rebuild, return, re-make, re-wind, revolution, re-evaluate, re-charge, re-invention, repetition’.


Sitting somewhere between the remake (of an already mediated event or narrative) and the now prevalent practice of re-enactment, the works in this exhibition use the moving image to re-present, encapsulating the perspective of the intervening period within a rendering of a memory of the original, allowing for the accretions of meaning and memory which have attached themselves and which affect the reading of the work. The remaking of an event or filmic narrative will inevitably allow the perspective of the intervening years to creep into the new interpretation whilst also manipulating or collapsing this temporal and contextual wormhole. Offering a commentary on the original, the new instance or the changes effected in the intervening years, the technique can offer the possibility of redeeming history or breaking out of a cycle of nostalgic eternal return by creating a new and personal context.


Tom Gunning talks about two modes of repetition, remaking and re-presentation: one tries to make you re-experience the original with no distance, to forget there was an original, the second is in dialogue with the original, it doesn’t eclipse it but creates a distance between the viewer and the original. In this distance lies an opportunity for reflection and this is where the potential lies. He goes on to say that the point of the remake does not lie in how much it scrutinizes or adheres to the original but in the distance or gap between the two films which ‘ renders history visible’.

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The exhibition is accompanied by a screening programme selected by artist Rod Dickinson which includes work by T R Uthco and Antfarm, Vision Machine, Iain Forsyth and Jane Pollard, Harun Farocki, Jill Godmilow and which takes place every other Saturday of the exhibition from 1pm, starting on Sat 17 Feb 2007, when it will be introduced by Rod Dickinson.

Rod Dickinson will also talk about his own work with re-enactment on Wed 7 Mar 2007 at 4pm as part of the Transmission lecture programme (at the Showroom cinema) which will be followed by a screening of Harun Farocki’s 'Images of the World and the Inscription of War', at 6pm which Rod will introduce.