Fabiano Marques -
Discussion with Professor David Martin and current Site Gallery artist in residence

Site Gallery is currently hosting visual artist Fabiano Marques, from Sao Paulo as part of their on-going series of international artists’ residencies. Fabiano’s practice involves curatorial intervention, video and installation. During his time in Sheffield (Wed 20 Jun - Sat 21 Jul 2007) Fabiano is working on a project called 'Temporize and permeation, a look at Fabian Thought in England.'

"The accidental discovery of the term 'Fabianism-Marxism' in the dictionary of politics drove me from an initial curiosity -about the similarity between the name of this strand of economic thinking and my name, Fabiano Marques, - to a deeper research that intends to verify to what extension it would be possible to identify myself with the strategies and history of the Fabian Society. The project intends to research the ideas, strategies and history of this economic thought and to displace them to the art context, in order to generate tools for interventions in the artistic circuit. I am interested in the practice of dislocating a procedure from an area of knowledge to its employment in art, and then testing and evaluating its results."

On Thu 19 Jul 2007 from 5pm Fabiano will be discussing this project alongside Professor David Martin from the University of Sheffield. Professor Martin will present the history and ideas of the Fabian Society, and contextualize them within the socialist movements in Britain, and the event will discuss to what extent these ideas can be found in contemporary society and what results they produce when inserted in the art circuit.

The event will be followed by a reception at S1 Artspace for their new residency artist George Henry Longley.