Florin Ungureau, Lisa Slominsky, Kate Pickering, Bona Park

'Shifting States' brings together for Deptford X four emerging artists with divergent practices and approaches, yet all address the theme of intervention through disrupting the assumptions and expectations of the viewer. These interventions occur both in physical and psychological space. All of the artists attempt this through the blurring of categories or understandings previously held apart to create a new perspective onto their chosen subject matter.

Lisa Slominski creates overt disruptions into the space of the gallery. Slominski uses pattern and everyday objects in altered art installations to create a non-objective study of the everyday.   Using wallpaper made by the artist or installing objects directly on to the wall, the use of pattern become a point of focus in a meditative way.

Kate Pickering's video work 'Untitled (I believe...)' makes more understated interventions into psychological space through exploring and questioning belief systems through performance. The work explores the slippage between the two seemingly opposed worlds of religion and art: the non-negotiability of religious belief and the liberal, relativistic context of the art world in which the work is produced and placed.

The paintings of Florin Ungureau explore the concepts of power, politics, history, identity and death through irony and humour. His work aims to alter and subvert beliefs and perceptions.

Finally, the video and performance works of Bona Park deal with the feelings of alienation as a foreign artist living in London and consider how different people living in this international city, London, variously respond to situations. Her work reflects a more subtle approach to the theme through subtly challenging our expectations.

All four artists live in London and are currently studying for a Masters in Fine Art course at Goldsmiths College.

SHIFTING STATES - Florin Ungureau, Lisa Slominsky, Kate Pickering, Bona Park