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SEAN SNYDER - @ Lisson Gallery

"We know that under the image revealed there is another which is truer to reality and under this image still anther and yet again still another under this last one, right down to the true image of reality, absolute, mysterious, which no-one will ever see or perhaps right down to the decomposition of any image, of any reality." Michelangelo Antonioni, Rome, 29th July 1969

Lisson Gallery is proud to announce the first solo exhibition of Sean Snyder in London.

Working with photography, video and text, Sean Snyder rigorously dissects the role of representation and ideology through examples of architecture, urban and media space. Snyder uses both self-produced and reprocessed material to define indexes that configure subversive counterpoints to dominant knowledge.

Snyder's new work comprises of a series of experiments that analyse the implicit visual and technological vocabulary of image making and its dissemination. The idea is to expose the mechanics of [intentional or not] transformation and disintegration of visual data unnoticed in the process of consuming 'information', as well as overt montage and propaganda techniques. Snyder looks at various analogue and digital image reproduction methods, sometimes using a series of art, photographic and cinematic references that problematise the notion of photographic 'truth'.