Rational Rec - OuLiPo Night

Rational Rec is a monthly inter-art social occasion, incorporating sound, music, text, performance, film and psychological experiments. "Come along and be artistically, intellectually and alcoholically stimulated."

The name of a post-war French literary movement, OuLiPo is an acronym that translates as "workshop of potential literature" most famously explored by Georges Perec and Raymond Queneau. The tenet of the OuLiPo is to create literature with constraints (not using the letter E an infamous example, or replacing nouns in texts with other from the dictionary).

The principles of the OuLiPo have increasingly been taken into other art forms and this night will feature performances of theatrical works from the OuTraPo ("workshop for potential tragicomedy"), developed by Stanley Chapman, the only British member of the OuLiPo.

The event will feature:

-An OuTraPo performance (Workshop for Potential Tragi-comedy)

-Interview with Stanley Chapman, the first exponent of OuLiPo in the UK in the 1960's

-OuLiPo like music pieces by Tom Johnson and Damien Ricketson

-Oulipean activities and games for the audience

-"Documentary Saga of the OuLiPo" - a new multimedia work by Rees Archibald, Andrew Infanti and Matthew Shlomwowitz that promises to explain everything you need to know about OuLiPo.

-Book stalls by Bookworks, Artwords Bookshop and Strange Attractor.

RATIONAL REC is organised by Russell Martin, Cecilia Wee and Matthew Shlomowitz.
First Tuesday of every month at Bethnal Green Working Men's Club

Rational Rec is supported by Arts Council England Grants for the Arts.