David Goldenberg - The Space of Post-Autonomy

This one day event organised by David Goldenberg is part of Local Operations at The Sackler Centre of Arts Education at the Serpentine Gallery. Local Operations is a series of self-organised events, talks, screenings and workshops by writers, curators, theorists, independent groups, artist-led spaces and universities.

The event programme

Morning session:
A lecture/performance by David Goldenberg outlining how we understand “the space of post-autonomy”. A new video by the Dutch based artist Wim Salki, examining the nature of autonomous images, politics and Globalisation; Slide show lecture by the London based Belgium curator Man Somerlinck reflections on the dinner debates discussing post-autonomy at Fordham gallery; Video lecture on Concrete abstractions by the Dutch artist Falke Pisano. Camp Aalst, a document about a participatory art work by Belgium artists and students.
Afternoon session: open on-line debate with international artists, curators and writers looking at the meaning of the space of post-autonomy, developing a new model of art, issues of Globalisation and the changing role of art. Last session – a new interactive sound and video work by the UK musician Geraldine Allen and Portuguese VJ artist Anne Calvinho.

Entry to all Local Operations events is first-come, first-served. Contact Serpentine Gallery with queries (see right) or visit the Post-Autonomy blog.

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