Paul Rooney - Lucy Over Lancashire

Liverpool-based artist Paul Rooney made the ‘Rooney’ CDs of 1998 to 2000, and a Radio 1FM Peel session was broadcast in October 1999. ‘Lucy Over Lancashire’ is Paul’s first solo record release since then, and is a limited edition artwork for broadcast over Lancashire radio and later release on red vinyl. The 16-minute, single track, ‘B’ side only, red vinyl, 45rpm 12” record was specially made to be broadcast via Steve Barker (the dub guru of The Wire magazine) and his ‘On The Wire’ programme on BBC Radio Lancashire in November 2006.

The 16-minute track consists of industrial strength post-punk dub, with a demonically possessed, but cheerful, single voice Lancastrian monologue over the top of it all. The voice is that of Lucy, an evil ‘spryte of the air’ who says that she is possessing the grooves of the record itself. She relates a tale about the pivotal role that Lancashire has in the plans of Satan, ranging from the Pendle witches and the Satanic mills of the Industrial Revolution right up to the dark bile of the Red Rose Radio phone in shows of Allan Beswick (who also appears on the record). Lucy explains that the record’s broadcast over Lancashire radio, and its release on red vinyl, is the fulfilment of a prophecy orchestrated by the shadowy figure of ‘Allan’.

Since 2000 Paul has been making art works for galleries and other places, and has shown his work recently at Tate Britain and at the Shanghai Biennial. His recent projects include a track on a compilation CD that also includes Mark E Smith, Derek Bailey and Jem Finer.

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Paul Rooney - Lucy Over Lancashire
SueMi Records
12” red vinyl - £4.99 (UK) - SueMi 15
Distributed through Cargo Germany and Cargo UK
Out early May 2007