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PARANOIA - @ The Freud Museum, Curated by Predrag Pajdic

…the proximity of art and life against the backdrop of contemporary politics exploring issues of distrust, suspicion, delusion, fear and terror.

The world is witnessing dramatic and shocking events, which create an atmosphere of uncertainty and unease. The destruction of the World Trade Center and more recently the London Underground attacks sparked the chain reaction of events that are shaping future prospects of the world through horror and terror. Fictional apocalyptic stories are worryingly similar to everyday reality, causing increasing fear and creating a climate of anxiety. When does the mind become paranoid?

Presenting works of international artists exploring the essence of paranoia as one's deluded interpretation of events, not the perception of the events themselves. Artists exhibiting in PARANOIA are from diverse ethnic and cultural backgrounds, many from the world’s areas of conflict. The exhibition incorporates digital technology, conceptual work, performance, photography, video, installation and drawing.

Exhibiting Artists: Oreet Ashery, Mireille Astore, Franko B, Maja Bajevic, Daniel Baker, Rana Bishara, Lisa K Blatt, Tim Blake, laurie halsey brown, Mircea Cantor, Norman Cowie, Jeremy Deller, Martin Effert, Amy Feigley, Doug Fishbone, Juan del Gado, Catherine Graham, Sagi Groner, Hatice Guleryuz, Juul Hondius, Helmut Loehr, Avi Mograbi, Ricardo Giraldo Montes, Vesna Milicevic, Hillary Mushkin, Diane Nerwen, Jean-Gabriel Periot, Khaled D. Ramadan, Karst-Janneke Rogaar, Paul Ryan, Jackie Salloum, Larissa Sansour, Nike Savvas, Santiago Sierra, Tatjana Strugar, Doron Solomons, Emilia Telese, Milica Tomic, Akram Zaatari, Katarina Zdjelar, Rachel Wilberforce, Roel Wouters

Associated Events: Artist's Talk and Discussion

Emilia Telese
Emilia Telese is an Italian-born artist living and working in Brighton. Her performance at the opening of the exhibition in the Freud Museum addressed the question of  what it means to be 'born into a religion', and the ongoing relationship between religion and superstition.

The artist will discuss her work at The Freud Museum
When: Wed 28 Feb 2007, 7pm
Cost: £8 / £5 Friends and concs.
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