PARADE 2: OUT OF PLACE - Curated by Mary Doyle
The second in the Parade trilogy of exhibitions

Featuring: Tomas Chaffe, Candice Jacobs, Paul Matosic, Philip Mayer, Sheila Ravnkilde, Eric Rosoman, Niki Russell, Simon Withers, Roger Suckling

Out of Place brings together a group of artists who share ideas around intervention and action.  By playing on our knowledge and expectations of a given architectural structure, the artists disrupt the way in which we navigate through, or behave, in a traditional gallery setting.

Tomas Chaffe, Sheila Ravnkilde and Niki Russell have been invited to make site-specific works in the gallery that will create a physical delineation of the space. Other works possess a performative element, such as Simon Withers’ physically challenging drawing made in response to Velásquez’s Rokeby Venus, Paul Matosic’s film of cardboard towers collapsing in slow motion and Roger Suckling’s precarious unicycle ride along the Humber Bridge. Movement, light and sound feature in Candice Jacobs’ kinetic tabletop drawing, Eric Rosoman’s flashing light map of sea navigation points around the UK and Philip Mayer’s unsettling sound work that confuses and disturbs our sense of space.

What: Parade 2: Out of Place
Group show
Where: Angel Row Gallery, Central Library Building,
3 Angel Row, Nottingham, NG1 6HP
When: Continues until Sat 31 Mar 2007. Open: Mon - Fri 10am - 5pm, Wed 10am - 7pm, Sat 10am - 5pm, closed Sun.
Further details:
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Thomas Chaffe is also currently exhibiting in Prizewinners:

PRIZEWINNERS - Tomas Chaffe | Ben Rivers

Tomas Chaffe and Ben Rivers make new work for Surface Gallery following the Open Show 2006 where they were voted for by public and gallery staff to win a £500 commission. Chaffe, a visual artist based in Nottingham presents a piece of site specific work for the Gallery, Props which responds to the physicality of Surface, highlighting its location beneath a five-story support network of voluntary organisations. Rivers, a film maker based in Brighton has made a new film for the gallery.  A perplexing combination of film and sound entitled ‘The coming Race’ is projected onto the Gallery’s back wall, acting as the only illumination in the space.

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