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@ BFI London Lesbian & Gay Film Festival

An Installation of 3000 pansies has been situated along the Southbank; pansies occupy the newly renovated landscaping outside the Southbank Centre (images right); initially appearing to be commonplace municipal planting the pansies begin to delineate bins, bollards and bench legs from the Hungerford Bridge to Waterloo Bridge where the London Lesbian & Gay film Festival is housed at the BFI Southbank. This subtle intervention ascribes the paraphernalia placed along this famous promenade with unexpected poignancy, as the symbolism of the pansy is revealed the playful positioning makes way for an elegiac memorial.

Throughout the festival Paul will be maintaining the installation, and on 1 April 2007 will hand out pansies to interested passers by from a stall outside BFI Southbank enabling those who want to mark their own experience of homophobia, for more information visit the website. The main image created for the BFI London Lesbian & Gay Film Festival by Nadege Meriau features the pansy planted by Paul Harfleet for David Morley who was tragically killed* on the South Bank in 2004 after surviving the Admiral Duncan bombing.

About The Pansy Project:
The Pansy Project was launched two years ago by Paul Harfleet; the artist plants pansies at locations where he has experienced verbal homophobic abuse, he then entitles the location after the abuse received then posts the photographs of the locations on his website. Originally autobiographical the artwork has developed into a symbolic action of resistance that memorialises this discrimination from passing homophobic comment to brutal gay bashing. 

*Though widely believed to be an attack motivated by homophobia a subsequent court case found the accused not guilty of homophobic murder but of manslaughter. The pansy was planted on the Southbank as a memorial to David Morley.

Who: Paul Harfleet
What: The Pansy Project (intervention)
Where: Around the Southbank Centre, Thames riverside
between Hungerford and Waterloo Bridges, Central London
When: Continues until Wed Apr 4 2007.
Associated Events: Artist will distribute pansies to public from a stall
outside BFI Southbank on 1 Apr 2007
Further details:
The Pansy Project website
London Lesbian and Gay Film Festival website
BFI Southbank website