OMSKBOOK - Launch event

The ingrates at OMSK have been kicking art tin cans around the block for twelve years now and have decided to put those dozen eggs in a basket, called OMSKBOOK. No nostalgia here though; instead one hundred and fifty two pages of utterance and outburst from established and emerging artists who use film & video, live art, sound, text and other means. The book includes work from 74 artists, critical essays and conversations on itinerant art practice, a CD of sound acts that have performed at OMSK and a DVD featuring a two hour programme of artists’ moving image.

On Sat 30 June 2007 OMSK will be launching OMSKBOOK with an event at the South London Gallery. This free evening begins at 5:30pm with a Talkaoke round panel discussion involving artists, academics, critics, supporters and OMSK members.

The launch will feature many of OMSK's seminal acts from the last 12 years, each of whom appear in the book: live art from The Max Factory (renowned for the bodily excesses of their performances), Robin Deacon (of “Colin Powell is a nice man” fame), Woodrow Kernohan, Bill Aitchison, Dot Howard, who accosted previous OMSK audiences with a fake pregnancy. Sound comes courtesy of Electric Assembly, the animated vocoder pop of Bristol based Super Group Extreme, and sticky vinyl from DJ OMSK and DJ MissInTheMix. Film & Video artists screening at the launch: Andrew Kötting, Jennet Thomas, Annis Joslin, Blunt Productions and more.

The extraordinary OMSKBOOK is available for £14.99 but will be sold at the launch for £11.99. Come down, enjoy colliding forms of contemporary art, say your piece and grab a limited edition book, surely soon to be collectable.  

To RSVP please email the South London Gallery:

OMSKBOOK is edited by Clare Moloney, designed by Anita Steinstad and funded by the Arts Council England.