North and South - Over 30 artists across 6 venues at the Northern and Southernmost ends of England

At a time when national identity - and the relationship between Britain and its constituent elements - are live political issues, North + South is an unprecedented collaborative project that explores who we think we are and what, in the twenty-first century, England stands for.

North + South address issues of diversity and identity in relation to the theme of 'Englishness' through an exhibition, educational programme and publication. Staged across six unique exhibitions, in public galleries at the northern and southernmost ends of England, North + South features over thirty artists, including fifteen newly commissioned works, that present a broad spectrum of artistic responses to these issues.

A full colour publication will be available, featuring all the commissioned artists, including photography of their work and essays by Billy Bragg and Peter Davidson.

The six venues are split evenly between the coastal cities of Southampton and Sunderland and are as follows:

-Northern Gallery for Contemporary Art
-National Glass Centre
-Reg Vardy Gallery (
see gallery website for details)

-John Hansard Gallery
-Millais Gallery (gallery website)
-City of Southampton Galleries (gallery website)

Exhibition dates vary. For details please see each page.