NICK CROWE- Commemorative Glass

CCA is pleased to present a major exhibition of work from Nick Crowe. Commemorative Glass features a selection of new and recent works, many of which have never been shown before in the UK. The exhibition includes two new large scale sculptures, The Beheaded and The Campaign for Rural England. Crowe's practice encompasses a wide range of media, including film & video, sculpture and the internet. The internet is used both as a focus for his work and a tool to research its content. Taking the dematerialised and often ephemeral material found online, Crowe transforms it into solid, but transparent, sculptural forms.

As the title suggests, the theme of commemoration runs throughout the exhibition. Part eulogy, part investigative act, the work explores how we remember by manipulating images both personal and public. Some works function in the manner of a traditional monument: The Beheaded (2006) is a memorial to all the people who have been beheaded in the first five years of this century, represented by an equal number of headless glass figures hanging together in a mobile. Each element is made of hi tech material used by the space industry, including dichroic glass and Kevlar thread.

Other works mark a particular significant moment in time, materialised as shadows under glass. In Proposal for a World Wide Web (2004), Crowe hand engraved the first sketch Sir Tim Berners-Lee made to explain how the World Wide Web would function. The image denotes the origin of our online culture and its subsequent revolution of the way we communicate and work.

Nick Crowe’s work also examines the dichotomy between reality and its representation in the media and questions the prevailing perceptions held within British Society. Operation Telic (2005 - 2006) is the official Ministry of Defence name for the occupation of Iraq. For this work, Crowe rendered military propaganda from the MoD website as a series of 12 glass engravings. The recontextualisation of the original online photographs questions their sanitised and somewhat ennobled representations of British soldiers in occupied Iraq.

Exhibition organised by Cornerhouse, Manchester.

ASSOCIATED EVENTS: Artist Talks - All talks are free but ticketed (please book in advance as places are limited)

Martin Vincent: Sat 10 Mar 2007, 3pm
Artist, curator and writer. He founded the Annual Programme in Manchester in 1995, and is currently a director of The International 3 gallery.

Nick Crowe: Sat 17 Mar 2007, 3pm

Taking people on a tour of the exhibition, talking through his work in depth.

Esther Leslie: Sat 24 Mar 2007, 3pm
Professor of Political Aesthetics at Birkbeck, London. She is author of Walter Benjamin: Overpowering Conformism, Hollywood Flatlands: Animation, Critical Theory and the Avant Garde and Synthetic Worlds: Nature, Art and the Chemical Industry. She is currently completing a biography of Walter Benjamin.
View her website - Militant Esthetix