MIDWEST - Know Your Place

Know Your Place seeks to examine the potential for artist-led policy intervention via a series of events. The events are designed to offer artists and visual arts practitioners and policymakers from the West Midlands and beyond a platform to engage with the fundamental issues facing visual arts policy development today.

Know Your Place will:
-Demonstrate how the geographic and socio-political situational contexts of the contributing artists and policymakers have influenced their strategies for policy development and intervention.
-Develop a collective ‘situational analysis’ of Birmingham and the West Midlands to inform future artist-led policy development and intervention in the West Midlands and beyond.

With contributions from UK policymakers and European artists who have each contributed directly to cultural policy development in response to their geographical or socio-political ‘situation’:

Each event will include presentations from contributors and workshop activities designed by Chris Seeley in order to develop a collective analysis of the Birmingham (and West Midlands) ‘situation’.

Midwest hope that the event will be of interest to artists, visual arts practitioners and policy makers in the West Midlands, UK and elsewhere who will actively participate in the development of a Birmingham (and West Midlands) ’situational analysis’ via the activities designed by Chris Seeley. To be used by West Midland practitioners to develop and intervene in future policy and to act as a case study for (inter)national initiatives.

Places are limited to 50, booking ASAP is essential.

Who: Midwest
What: Know Your Place: Can Policy Be Artist-Led?
(events programme in Birmingham)
Where and When:
Wed 7 – Fri 9 Mar 2007, 6.30 – 10pm, UCE, Margaret Street, Birmingham, B3 3BX
Mon 14 and Tue 15 May 10am – 5pm, 22 Green St, Birmingham, B12 0NB
Further Information including booking details:
Midwest Website (requires free registration to view)