Karen Boulton / Rie Suto / Chris Wright / Liz Wroe

The artists featured in Metamorph will use the exhibition space to make work that responds directly to its environment and allow a public discourse to occur on an ad hoc basis.

The exhibition will begin on day one with an empty space while the artists, each with their own individual methods of working, will attempt to create a collaborative piece. The title Metamorph refers to the changing nature of the work in the first five days, and maybe beyond. The public will be encouraged to engage with the artists and the work during this time.

It is an ambitious project that will challenge and extend the working practice of the artists whilst cementing a collaborative relationship that may continue into the future. 

Karen Boulton
Re-creating original features in alternative materials rendering them useless or obsolete, altering their function or turning them into functionless artefacts, inspired by issues of accessibility.

Rie Suto
I am interested in the relationship between nature and existence through human activity. I attempt to explore my experience and understanding of nature through imagination and this work is about trail, trace and memory of movement.

Chris Wright
My practice explores the boundaries and borders where signs and symbols become confused. Using installation, my work is often time-based and has a sense of the performative; suggesting that something just happened or is about to happen.

Liz Wroe
In my practice I seek out mundane products where aesthetic design has been limited and, through manipulation and multiplication, re-design them into something more appealing.