Now Closed
Reclaim your lost property
Katherine Longman and Charlotte Morgan

END Gallery houses a temporary archive of miscellaneous possessions which two artists have amassed during a widespread search through the city. Before the exhibition the artists also welcomed details of lost property at lost_sheffield@hotmail.co.uk, and endeavoured to seek these particular items out.

Throughout the week, visitors are invited to reclaim their own belongings or to choose from the archive a substitute for any item which cannot be traced. Selections are based on catalogued descriptions of the items and records of the places in which they were found. The objects, images or texts are given status as possessions once again, placing emphasis on the transience of ownership of items that are accumulated, discarded, and lost in daily life. Prior to selection, all items remain in storage.

The commodity value of the objects is placed against the uncertain significance of each item to their original owner; their strangely elevated status as part of an archive further draws upon the romantic associations with the unknown that are often attached to found objects. the efforts which the artists have taken in collecting, recording, and housing these items may seem absurd and ironic as the entire collection will be dissembled and distributed to visitors, who may attribute worth to their chosen item, drop it elsewhere to be found again, or discard it entirely.

Please recycle where possible.