Site-responsive artworks in nine sites across the city of Swansea

Rhona Byrne / Milena Dopitova / Carwyn Evans / Rebecca Gould /
Torsten Lauschmann / Niamh McCann / Sara Rees / Helen Sear / Jaan Toomik /
Zoe Walker & Neil Bromwich

Locws 3 sees the return of the ART ACROSS THE CITY event with ten new temporary artworks created by artists from across Europe on display in locations across the central and maritime districts of the city of Swansea. The artworks are being made as a direct response to the city’s culture, heritage, architecture and people and take many different forms; from video projections, sound installations and museum interventions to photographic, object and material based works.

Inspired by two of South Wales’ biggest exports: industry and music, Torsten Lauschmann has created an interface which enables him to control domestic appliances such as vacuum cleaners, hairdryers and drills to program musical tones and rhythms. His 'Piecework Orchestra', referring to types of employment in which a worker is paid a fixed 'piece rate' for each unit produced or action performed, is located within the National Waterfront Museum, subverting the idea of industrial production and surprising the viewer with its cacophony of sound.

Rhona Byrne has spent time navigating the air above Swansea in a series of flying lessons; learning how to fly over a city that she is exploring as an artist, Rhona considers ideas of belief and the existential interactions with spaces we experience. Taking inspiration from a carved ‘double picture frame’ in the Swansea Museum collection, Carwyn Evans has constructed a series of house-like facades that replicate a simple cross-hatched drawing. The facades become iconic in aesthetic against the backdrop of new apartment blocks of SA1 and stand as a ghost-like reminder of Swansea’s industrial past but also suggestive of its new status as a changing, evolving city.

Milena Dopitova intervenes within the collection at Swansea Museum to explore the personal experience of historical objects and to realign them with a potential previous use, and Rebecca Gould brings a contemporary take of the mythical story of Helen of Troy to the Norwegian Church, portraying herself as Helen jetting out of Swansea on a fast boat to the musical accompaniment of Bonnie Tyler’s ‘Holding out for a hero’.

For details of all the artists and locations, and updates on performances and events, see the LOCWS website. Access to all the artworks is free and location maps will be available from Swansea Museum and The Guildhall in April.

Locws International is an artist-led initiative established by David Hastie and Tim Davies in 1999. They are joined for Locws 3 by Grace Davies as project manager and co-curator.

With support from The Arts Council of Wales / City & County of Swansea / The Millennium Stadium Charitable Trust / The Henry Moore Foundation / Wales Arts International / Cywaith Cymru / Artworks Wales

What: LOCWS 3
Rhona Byrne / Milena Dopitova / Carwyn Evans / Rebecca Gould / Torsten Lauschmann / Niamh McCann / Sara Rees / Helen Sear / Jaan Toomik / Zoe Walker & Neil Bromwich
Where: Various locations across the central and maritime districts of Swansea
When: Sat 14 Apr - Sun 13 May, Tue - Sun 10am - 5pm (Except: Central Library closed Sun, St Mary’s Church closed Wed and Sun until 2pm)
Associated Events: Opening Day Sat 14 April, all venues
Symposium: LOCWS in Context, 10am – 4pm, Dynevor Centre for Art & Design, De la Beche St, Swansea SA1 3EU
Further details:
LOCWS International website