juneau/projects/ - Sewn to the Sky
Interactive performance and free outdoor gig

Media Art Bath is excited to announce the presentation of an innovative new work by juneau/projects/ – Sewn to the Sky.

Sewn to the sky is an interactive sound and visual experience that blurs the boundaries between sound and vision by presenting a performance by a four-piece band (led by juneau/projects/ themselves) that is seamlessly integrated with an interactive visual animation. The musicians play customized instruments (guitar, bass and drums) that interface with the animated images of the game created by juneau/projects/ with programmer, Ben Neal.

Sewn to the sky connects the process of playing a musical instrument and the structures of composition within visual experience and new technologies as particular sounds and instruments interact differently with the animation. Each performance will conclude with the opportunity for the audience to play the instruments and try out the customized gaming gear.

Sewn to the sky continues juneau/projects/ typically charming but poignant exploration of the interfaces between nature and technology, which in this case sees Indie, DIY band culture meet the world of gaming. The result is more craft work than Kraftwerk, like Gram Parsons meets The Brothers Grimm to a soundtrack by Smog and Sigur Ros. juneau/projects/ were formed in Birmingham in 2001 by Philip Duckworth and Ben Sadler. They have worked with soul legends, cub scouts, paid assassins, landed gentry, teenage bands and ISDN pioneer funk Scots to produce artwork in the form of radio broadcasts, audio CDs, spoken word narratives, an online record label, installations and videos.

juneau/projects/ have been involved in several high profile commissions and tours both nationally and internationally, namely Romantic Attachment, PS1, New York (2004) and The Black Moss, touring across the UK (2006).

- SEWN TO THE SKY Interactive performance
With Ben Neal, Anthony Brewer & special guests
Sun 5 Aug 2007, 7.30pm, tickets £4 from the Bath Festivals Box Office
tel: 01225 463 362

- SEWN TO THE SKY Pastoral and Unplugged
Meet in the Michael Tippett Centre foyer for a free outdoor gig
Mon 6 Aug 2007, 4pm

Sewn to the Sky has been commissioned by Media Art Bath and is presented as part of the International Guitar Festival. Sewn to the Sky is a Bath Festivals Forum (BFF) education project. Bath Festivals Forum is a coalition of cultural organisations in Bath and North East Somerset working to maximise the coverage and profile of cultural events in the area: www.bathfestivals.org.uk. Project supported by User-lab, Birmingham Institute of Art and Design.