IT'S JUST BREAD - Programme of Performances @ Alma Enterprises

Alma Enterprises presents It’s Just Bread, a 6-week-long programme of performances taking place at the gallery throughout March and April 2007 and bringing together durational performances by artists including: Brian Catling, Noble and Silver’s Kim Noble, Hayley Newman and Michael Curran, allsopp&weir, Gayle Chong Kwan, and Thomas Altheimer.

Thomas Altheimer gives a performative lecture entitled The world is a book!!! (Little people wrestling the world) and collaborative duo allsopp&weir present Indefinite Articles, a piece that involves an opera singer’s rendition of all the singular indefinite articles and designated nouns from The Communist Manifesto sung to the vocal part of Arnold Schoenberg’s Erwartung (op.17, 1909).

The programme includes two guest-curated shows: You Can Lead A Horse To Water, 2 days of performances and installations curated by Ali MacGilp, (now passed)* and Frogstock, a one-night festival hosted by performance artist and poet Frog Morris.
Frogstock is an annual poetry and performance festival in Norfolk, and Frog Morris brings the Frogstock ideology to Alma Enterprises for one night only, aiming to establish a new kind of space that goes beyond the conventions of art galleries, comedy clubs and music venues. Assembling musicians and entertainers with a disregard for what music and entertainment is supposed to be, Frog Morris presents: Kim Noble, Leigh Clarke, Victor Mount, Martin White, Man From the Woods, Opposite the Hotel, The Fucks, and himself, delivering a mix of performance art, poetry and music.

At times when no performances happen, a video reel with films that relate to rather than document what has taken/will take place at the gallery will be on show. The video reel will include the premiere of Brian Catling's 'Antic' and new video works by allsopp&weir and Kim Noble.

*On the evening of Fri 9 Mar and the afternoon of Sat 10 Mar, You Can Lead A Horse To Water featured predominantly new, site-specific works. Elizabeth McAlpine presented a new film and a sound installation of vinyl records spliced together. Rhiannon Armstrong’s International Archive of Things Left Unsaid happened in 2 parts: on Friday evening and the second on Saturday.

The opening evening also featured performances by Tobias Collier, Nathan Barlex, Eleanor Brown and Adrian Lee, while the next day street vendors distributed Eleanor Brown’s Newspaper; Laura Wilson invited visitors on a wander about Vyner Street to create a found object archive; and Mark Wayman attempted a non-physical reconstruction of Alma’s space as it was before it became a gallery.

What: Programme of Performances and video reel
Where: Alma Enterprises, 1 Vyner Street, London E2 9DG
When: Fri 9 Mar - Sun 15 Apr 2007
Associated Events: See Right
Further details:
Alma Enterprises
Charlie Tweed: charlie@thisisland.net
or tel 07769 686 826

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