INBETWEEN SPACES - Joe Devlin, John Goodwin, Pam Holmes, Ines Rae, Suzanne Smith

Coinciding with the Look ’07 city-wide photography festival, Inbetween Spaces takes place at various billboard sites around Manchester. This exhibition explores the idea of the advertising billboard as a potential conduit for alternative artistic communication.

Artists have often used billboards as a device to politically charge a privately owned advertisement space, within a public arena. Billboards provide a rare opportunity for individuals and groups to claim back spaces, which are more often than not, for the sole use of private corporations competing for public attention. In an attempt to infiltrate these spaces, artists have temporarily bought billboard sites, interrupting the supposedly seamless surface of capitalist imagery.

The project arose out of Ines Rae’s publication ‘Kurl up n Dye’, which explores the vernacular of the British high street. Her series of photographs and typography set out to examine the pockets of creativity and spontaneity in some small businesses, and an element of this sentiment remains in this project, with an image carrying a reference to the word play and visual puns on the backstreets.

The project has been expanded to include artists whose work could have a dialogue with a billboard site and whose work is, in some way, marginal. Some of the artists achieve this through reference to specific issues, while others are more playful regarding what you expect to see on a billboard. Ultimately the images put on the advertising billboards are of things we would not normally expect to see there, dressing down some assumptions about the use of such spaces.

The sites can be viewed from the road or by pedestrians, making the work accessible to anyone taking a particular route around the city; either to and from work, while shopping, or purposefully following the map which will be available on the opening night and to anyone who requests one by emailing this myspace site.

Associated Event: Private View and Bus Tour

A bus tour will take place at the private view on Fri 27 Apr 2007 to allow the viewer to experience the work at each location, and the spaces inbetween. It is anticipated that through the bus and walking tours of the various sites around Manchester and Salford and Beswick, the journey will be an important element in the project. The billboards will provide both sentences and punctuation in an essay of the marginal in an around the urban sprawl.