I’m human now. You’re human later.
Duncan McAfee

Formerly one half of The Miller and McAfee Press, Duncan McAfee is now working alone and the show at i-cabin will form his first solo show.

In an attempt to embody the experience of the Artist at the moment prior to artistic production McAfee will enter the gallery armed with only his voice, experience and the means to record/playback (embody/display) a collection of sounds. He intends to struggle to produce an illusive artistic currency, the ‘idea’, by which contemporary art is valued. This struggle will take place in full view of the visitors. The effect of this process is in some ways similar to an elaborate play in which McAfee plays all the parts and directs the ‘speakers’ as though they were actors whist constantly questioning the motive of the script.

In what promises to be an real-time embodiment of Beckett’s ‘Krapp’s Last Tape’, a text to which the Bradbury story from which the title is taken is heavily indebted, the artist will be forced to review the creations of his former self and suffer them from the position of disdain to which the experience of their production propelled him.

Throughout the show viewers can also discuss with Duncan any element of his activity. Throughout the process McAfee will keep a detailed script of the proceedings and at the end of the show this script, along with a CD recording of the final play and a selection of critical texts about the show, will be published by i-cabin(texts).