Goldfactory Research Space
Residency 01: Michael Bowdidge

Goldfactory is a new contemporary art organisation located in Nottingham UK, which looks beyond borders, beyond the narrow confines of the ordinary to bring cutting edge artists and the public together. Goldfactory is developing new ways of getting art and the public to interact via gallery based and ‘virtual’ exhibitions and their new in-studio ‘research space’.

Residency 01 is the first of many projects planned for this space over the coming months. This is a trial run to test the viability of this space. The notion of the project space developed out of earlier aspirations for Goldfactory as both an artistic resource and a promotional tool and as a catalyst for new developments in art and art-presentation.

A project space is not a gallery nor is it a studio. The short residency within the space enables new ideas to develop without the clutter and baggage that a permanent studio might engender. Nor does the space bring with it the pressures of a public exhibition space where a finished product is presented to the public.

The project space seeks to present art as an ongoing process. As an exploration not as a finished product that provides all the answers. It changes the way art is consumed without being enfeebled by the market place.