Fri 11 May, 11am - 5pm

Building on a method developed in futurology, this intensive futures envisaging workshop will consist of thinking about personal hopes, ideas and plans for futures, desirable futures and what they might look like socially, globally and personally. Collaborative as well as individual moments of reflection and crisis will be worked on. Participants will likely find themselves and their practice challenged and enriched by the process, leading towards plans for action and strategies for putting hopes into practices. Thematically this workshop will be driven by participants, though somewhat focus around artistic and cultural production.

The sessions will be well timed, intensive and very playful, with lots of time to ponder. It will involve thinking about individual practice and prospects as well as collaboration and joint imagining, with a lunch break and performative panel presentation of outcomes.

Please Confirm: workshop is limited to twelve participants. for more information and to book email manuela@thisappearance.org. Bring pen and paper.

Sun 13 May 3 - 5pm

In the coincidental framework of the future archive project and No Artist is an Island
Project Space, you are invited to a future conversation around critical art practices and their potential situations in the futures.

This open conversation will follow the future archive method of projection-reflection and will be hosted by Cinzia Cremona and Manuela Zechner. Interlocutors will include: members of Critical Practice Research Cluster from Chelsea College of Art, project space participants, officers from Arts funding bodies as well as other visitors.