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Furtherfield has new reviews for all to view :

-A review on one of Pall Thayer's net art works, 'On everything' by Sabine Gottfried.
-A review about Mediartists' latest interactive art experiment by Wylie Schwartz.
-An Interview with David Rokeby by Charlotte Frost: Twisting Fistfuls of Time with David Rokeby Part 2.
-A review on Knut Hybinette and Troy Richards latest collaborative project 'Ripon' by Natasha Chuk.
-An article about Tom Moody's BLOG by Palo fabus

About Furtherfield

Furtherfield is an artist-led group that utilizes networked media to create, explore, nurture and promote the art that happens when connections are made and knowledge is shared - across the boundaries of established art-world institutions and their markets, grass-roots artistic and activist projects and communities of socially-engaged software developers. This is a spectrum that engages from the maverick media-art-makers and small collectives of cross-specialist practitioners, to projects that critique and change dominant hierarchical structures as part of their art process.

Furtherfield’s core activities of review, criticism and discussion have been directed, sustained and driven by the research, skills and energy of the Furtherfield team, and its diverse international group of users, on a mainly voluntary basis. Specific projects that facilitate in-depth collaboration between programmers, artists, and artist-programmers have received some public funding. Since 2004 Furtherfield has run a gallery for networked media art in North London called HTTP and has received regular core funding from the Arts Council of England to help to consolidate and develop the sustainability of its activities.