emergency - Two day programme of live art and intervention

An open platform event for contemporary performance, live art, intervention and installation returns for its 7th manic year, featuring emerging and established artists working with new, unusual, untried and untested ideas.

Following a call for subissions featured on criticalnetwork, this year has seen the largest ever number of submissions to emergency which will feature a busy two day programme of back to back performance: a marathon of new ideas played out for the first time in front of an audience.

Friday 28 September

1630 ongoing Tom Woolsgrove: Sense-Surreal Experience Selection

1700 Mishimou: a cup of tea and a nice sit down

1730 Sonya Moorhead: Canopy

1800 INTERVAL plus Tom Woolsgrove: Sense Surreal

1830 Nic Green: Everything You've Been Meaning To Say...

1900 2Toned Theatre Company: Didn't We

1930 Maya Zbib: Telescope: in my tight socks, a sky and...

2000 Jenny Lawson: My Dress, My Voice


2100 Adela Jones: An Obedience Class

2130 Levantes Dance Theatre: Gin and Satsumas

2200 Chris Fitzsimmons: Past Indefinite

2230 The Altons: An Introduction (followed immediately by)

2250 Mandy Romero: Where Am I?

2300* One Minute Wanda: One Minute Wanda Puts the House back...

2300* No Plan: No Plan

* performance choice. Bar open from 1600 - 0000.

Saturday 29 September

1130 ongoing Astrid Breel: The Dating Game


1130 ongoing Sam Rose: Between One + Another: Melting Point

1130 - 1530 Jude Hilary: Flat Pack Performance

1130 - 1900 Alice and Leor: Untitled

1200 goosestrokegeese: The Open Ended Closing Stages of She

1230 The Olmo Collective: There Must Be Silence!

INTERVAL - 30 mins

1330 Sinead King: Delirious Makes A Show


1430 Wayne Jackson: return journey: home

1500 Interval plus

1500 Broken Umbrella: Expectation 1-2-6

1530 Will Pollard: Blue Evening

1600 Leentje Van De Cruys: Horse

1600 - 1900 Street Pole Dancers: Pole Positions

1630 Orley and Hilevaara: LUSIKKA [Orley and Hilevaara Series #1]

1700 Trace Theatre: Cringe

1730 INTERVAL - one hour

1830 Gary Gardiner (SCAM): The Absent Father

1900 Greg Foster: Made Easy

1930 INTERVAL plus

1930 Caution Horses: Elsie and Francis...

2000 Krissi Musiol: Making A Big Deal

2030 Holly Slingsby: Journey with Letters

2100 The Strange Names Collective: Repeat After Me

2130 INTERVAL plus

2130 Meg Fenwick: Please Remain Alert At All Times

2200 Jennifer E Jordan: Rock and Roll aint no Riddle. Fact.

2230 Oliver Bray (Until Thursday): Towards a Contemporary Christmas