E8: The Heart of Hackney
Emily Cole / Gary O'Connor / walkwalkwalk / Laura Oldfield-Ford / Tom Hunter / Barbaresi & Round / Hilary Jack / Matthew Stock

E8: The Heart of Hackney is an exhibition of work about the E8 area of Hackney by eight contemporary artists. Rather than a mere surface reading of this rapidly transforming area the artists approach their subject from obliquely unexpected angles to challenge any preconceptions that visitors to and residents of the area may have. The work in the show ranges from the political to the psychogeographical, from quirky to beautiful and from fun to thought provoking and takes in photography, painting, sculpture, drawing, audio and interactive walks.

walkwalkwalk are producing a specially tailored walk around the E8 area which will be available to visitors of the gallery to participate in. The walk will be marked by stops at a number of chip shops where special E8 chip forks will be available. Read about the progress of this project on the E8 Chipshop Blog.

Barbaresi & Round have been interviewing the area's senior residents and will be making work in the gallery inspired by the stories and reminiscences they have been told, and Hilary Jack has collected a group of objects from the E8 streets which she will be repairing and displaying in the gallery.

Gary O'Connor's writing merges fact and fiction and is often combined with installation and audio. For E8 his work focuses on a real experience he had of being trapped in the Regent Studios lift. O'Connor has contributed to a number of publications including the recent collection of artists' fiction 'The Alpine Adventures of Victor B'.

Laura Oldfield Ford's cult fanzine, Savage Messiah, involves a psychogeoraphical look at different areas in London combining cultural theory with her own fiercely political outlook. Her E8 drift will combine pertinent text with romantically dreamy drawings.

Full details of all the artists' work can be found on the Transition Gallery website. E8 is the second in an ongoing series of shows that focus on different East London postal districts. E9: An Anatomy of an Area took place in 2004 at Transition.

Publication - launch date Fri 15 Jun 2007, 6pm at Transition Gallery

There is a publication to accompany the E8 show with texts by a number of writers including Iain Sinclair, Charlie Porter and Ruth Jarvis. Contents include:

- 'Drifting and Shifting' - Introduction by Cathy Lomax
- 'A Modern Mess' - Charlie Porter looks at the artists and the area
- Emily Cole - ‘Making Pretty: Emily Cole as Urban Tourist’ by Iain Sinclair
- Laura Oldfield Ford -Pages from the Savage Messiah zine
- Hilary Jack - ‘The In-Betweeness of Things’ by Amanda Ravetz
- Barbaresi & Round - ‘Homes and Housing’ - Older Hackney residents talk about their changing dwellings.
- Tom Hunter - ‘Plane Truth’, Ruth Jarvis on London Fields and its trees.
- Gary O’Connor - ‘Talking to Moses’, a chilling tale.
- Matthew Stock - ‘Urban Perception’, surveillance in the gallery.
- walkwalkwalk - ‘Delicious & Fresh, Fish & Chips, Fried to Perfection by Experts’ by Juliette Adair
- 'Participate Now' - I Dunnop interviews Tony Collins and Adam Wright, founders of Broadway Market fanzine The Eel

Available at Transition Gallery, price £4.50, via paypal or by Mail Order (UK only). Please send a cheque made payable to Transition for £4.50 +80p p&p, to Transition, Unit 25a Regent Studios, 8 Andrews Road, London E8 4QN.