DAVID SHERRY - Regulations for irrational procedures

The works in Regulations for irrational procedures at mothers tankstation - the first solo exhibition of the work of David Sherry in Dublin - perform a sequence of U-turns, reversed statements, points of collapse, levitations, insubordinate actions, leaps onto nothing and a series of snooks cocked at the perception of reality. Essentially, Sherry might be described as a performance artist who works out his ideas in image-texts and the resultant acts eventuate as live or recorded actions which, themselves mimic the deadpan seriousness, machismo and pseudo science of 1970s performance practice. Complicated? It might seem so, until you actually see the art, as Sherry’s work is eminently approachable, engaging, masterfully humorous, whilst remaining disturbingly intelligent and profoundly relevant to its place and time.

Sherry's performances subtly test the patience and sympathies of the general public who witness them, and as such allow him to examine the limits of the social contract. In many of his works e.g. 'Avoiding Eye Contact for One Seven Day Period', his deliberately half-hearted effort to dissent from social codes can transgress gently into the anti-social. He has also adopted the opposite tactic, being Confrontationally Polite to shopkeepers by thanking them for a prolonged period of time.  As part of 'October', an ambient public art event organised by the Glasgow Project Room in St. Vincent Street, Glasgow, Sherry dressed as a woman he knows who suffers from a degenerative mental illness.  Resembling Norman Bates clothed as his mother, he stood quietly behind a partially opened doorway grinning at passers by.  There was no way of guessing the purpose of this activity, it could have been done for a bet, for charity or as a genuine cry for help.          

David Sherry was born in Northern Ireland and studied at the University of Ulster at Belfast and Glasgow School of Art.  In 2003 he was selected for Zenomap, representing Scotland at the Venice Biennale and was shortlisted for the Beck's Futures prize.  Most recently, since April 2006 he has been on a residency at Villa Concordia Bamberg in Germany. A solo exhibition of his performances will run at Intermedia, Glasgow in June 2007.

Who: David Sherry
What: Regulations for irrational procedures
Where: mother's tankstation, 41-43 Watling Street, Ushers Island, Dublin 8, Ireland
When: Thu 5 Apr - 12 May 2007
Associated Events: Opening reception and live performance by the artist
Wed 4 Apr 6 - 8pm
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