CRITICAL TOPOLOGY OF LANDSCAPE - Visual Art And The Politics Of Space Conference

The Critical Topology of Landscape is a research group set up in the School of Art and Design at Bath Spa University in 2004 to explore the ways in which visual art can be utilised as a critical methodology in terms of the representation and practice of space. The city of Bath is a particularly apt location for such a project insofar as the city is constructed from a moment in history, the 18th century, when visuality became the key social, economic and political devisor.

The conference invites those interested in the visual and conceptual spacing of objects and sites, of viewers and subjects, to raise questions about the aesthetics, philosophy and politics of spatial practice.

Speakers / Papers include:

-Prof Peter Osborne, Where is the Work of Art?

-Dr Andrea Phillips, The Return of spatial romance: How contemporary art and architecture meet as liberal democracy

-Edgar Schmitz, Un-setting Activities

-Chrystel Lebas, Between Dog and Wolf

-Shahin Afrassiabi, Imagining Community

-John Chilver, On the Topologies of Readiness-to-Hand: Morandi with Heidegger

-Ed Whittaker, Habitus and Exception in Dan Graham's 'Alteration' Project

Artworks will be shown in the foyer screen and at times in the Hall. Artists taking part include Mariele Neudecker, Robert Fearns and Adam Forman.