Under Maintenance - Contents May Vary

Contents May Vary are delighted to introduce new work from: Andrew Bracey, Alice Bradshaw, Michael Farquhar, Michael Ferguson, Eugenia Ivanissevich, Naomi Kashiwagi, Richard Kendrick, G. Leddington, Jude MacPherson, David Martin, Carly Munro, Elizabeth Murphy, Steve Oliver, Edward Payne, Catherine Pudner, Richard Shields, Tom Watson and Martha Webster.

Under Maintenance is a show of 18 selected emerging and established artists who are working site-responsively in the space beneath and behind Victoria Baths.

Under Maintenance represents Contents May Vary's belief that the environment in which work is situated becomes integral to the work itself. The artists in the show have responded diversely and profoundly to the space, with this principal in mind. Traditional processes of painting, sculpture, drawing, photography, video and audio are executed and presented in innovative and sometimes unorthodox methods. The opportunity for the artists to challenge their practices in a non-gallery environment has created a challenging visual discourse with a formidable architectural icon.

Victoria Baths, built at the turn of the century, is a semi-derelict swimming baths currently undergoing a major restoration project. The exhibition takes place in the underground maintenance tunnels surrounding the bottom of the second class males pool and also the outbuildings which hold the out of commission boilers and machinery. This particular section of the building has only very recently been accessible to the public and will be one of the first opportunities people have to experience this intriguing space.

Contents May Vary is: Alice Bradshaw, Elizabeth Murphy, Richard Shields, Jon Turner and Martha Webster.