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Art and the Impossible Dream of Flight - In Reality

On Saturday 30 June, The Arts Catalyst presents Artists Airshow, a day of art, experimentation and flying in the recently opened Gunpowder Park, north London. Using engineering and technical expertise artists from across the globe will attempt to realise dreams of flight, while retaining the risk and the fascination of impossibility.

This Airshow hopes to repeat the success of the first Artists Airshow, three years ago at Farnborough. Artists Airshow 2 takes place at the old munitions testing ground of the Royal Gunpowder Mills, now renamed Gunpowder Park.

Projects have been selected for Airshow that both reflect the explosive and ephemeral nature of the site and investigate the artists' almost impossible dream of flight.

Featured artists are Tomas Saraceno (Argentina) whose ambitious work reflects dreams of flying cities, Ben Blakeborough (Australia) whose real one-person flying craft points at a lost future of personal flight, Ruth MacLennan (UK) who works with a flying eagle to document crowds, Anne Bean and artists, (UK) who will try to eclipse the sunset, Sonia Khurana (India) whose project hidden deep in the woods describes the attempted flight of the naked human body and HeHe - Helen Evans and Heiko Hansen (France) who work with air quality and pollution. Gavin Pretor-Pinney, author of the best selling book 'Cloudspotting' will make a special appearance.

The event is accompanied by a symposium 'The Aesthetics of Impossibility' featuring the above artists and Simon Faithfull (from the previous Artists Airshow), Janette Paris, who specialises in impossible life-tasks and Usman Haque, whose aerial sculpture at the Singapore Biennale was 'flown' by the public using mobile phones.

About Gunpowder Park
For 300 years Gunpowder Park was used for testing increasingly high explosives until the research establishment, linked to the Royal Aeronautical works at Farnborough, was closed in 1991. Situated in Essex at the northern edge of London, near Waltham Abbey, Gunpowder Park is almost like a northern ghostly twin of the workshops at Farnborough. Here was developed the darker side of the explosive nature of rocketry and flight research, although the site itself is almost obliterated. Gunpowder Park is now a new country park for the benefit of people, wildlife and the arts.

Funded by Arts Council England and The Henry Moore Foundation

Limited numbers! To attend people must register on There is a charge of £10 for bus transport and refreshments on site.