Art Trail Visual Art Festival

In 2007 Cork's historic Shandon quarter will be the focus of Art Trail activity for the second time, including an extensive programme of events, performances, exhibitions, seminars and workshops.

Rana Öztürk has curated a site specific exhibition "SLOW SPACE FAST PACE", which looks at Shandon in relation to Cork's busy city centre. Shandon is seen through a visitor's eyes, from Öztürk's native Istanbul, and brings together artists from Ireland, Turkey, UK and France.

The Art Trail writer in residence, Elaine O'Sullivan has been interviewing Art Trail participants, and will be presenting a series of articles about our event as it unfolds.

Invited writer/curator Daniela Cascella, who specialises in Sound Art, will observe the festival with a view to future collaborations. Danny McCarthy will perform with The Quiet Club, Steim (Holland) will show their exhibition Mobile Touch and lead a workshop exploring the technology involved. Salon Bruit visit from Berlin with performances, installations and workshops, Viv Corringham and Slavek Kwi will also lead workshops using sound and Stephen Vitiello will talk about his work.

B-beyond visit from Belfast to perform art actions within the Shandon environs.

On Sat 6 Oct 2007 Art Trail hosts a seminar about Cork Docklands in advance of our relocation to this area in 2008.

Open studios are extended to car boots in the Theatre of Trading, Art Market on the weekend of 29/30 September and there is a further trail of studios across the city bringing in studios, galleries and exhibitions from Blackpool to the Docklands Marina.

About Art Trail
Art Trail is an artist led organisation. Founded in 1996 it aims to represent the broad range of artists in Cork. Its principal purpose is to provide an enduring and internationally recognised platform for local artists to promote and develop their work. In order to support and showcase work by emerging arts professionals, Art Trail has developed strategies such as the New Curator Award, Writer in Residence Award, Graduate Award and Catalogue Design Award, these elements are integrated within our programme, which involves artists at all stages of their career.

Art Trail recognises the significance of presenting and developing artists practice within an international context and provides opportunities for locally based artists to engage in dialogue with invited artists, critics, curators and the broader public.

Programme of events includes:

Stephen Vitiello talks about his work

Slow Space Fast Pace site specific exhibition curated by Rana Öztürk

Theatre of Trade: Artists' Car Boot Sale

Sound art programme:

Steim Mobile Touch exhibition and workshop with Frank Balde

Salon Bruit (berlin) monoline installation , Peggy Sylopp performance

The Quiet Club concert

Workshop: Steim, salon bruit, Corringham and Kwi

Performance art from B-beyond (Belfast)

Seminar: Cork docklands developments and boat tour

Experimental film curated by Cork Film Centre

Open submission exhibitions

Skart Posted 3 click here for further information

Open studios

And more exhibitions... click here for full programme details

Art Trail Visual Art Festival