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Ariston, curated by artist Candice Jacobs, explores her love/hate relationship with the man made environment. From “where man began” to ‘Wilkos’, counting your farts to drawing upon cosmic energy, this exhibition brings together a group of young UK artists working in sculpture, video, installation and painting to humour a disheartened curator’s understanding of the world around her.

Artists include: Ayling & Conroy, Dave Bond, Tomas Chaffe, Faye Claridge, Greg Cox, Ellie Harrison, Tristan Hessing, Ian Nesbitt, Elizabeth Rowe.

Jacobs is a practicing artist and also one of the Directors of Moot, an artist-led gallery space in Nottingham. Recent curated exhibitions include; Year 06 Art Projects, co-ordinated by Keith Talent Gallery London and Six Shows in Six Weeks (including the work of 23 UK based artists), Moot, Nottingham. Jacobs will also be exhibiting in “Out of Place”, curated by Mary Doyle (Drawing Room, London), Angel Row Gallery, Nottingham which continues until Sat 31 Mar 2007.

Selection of Artists' CVs:
Ellie Harrison
Ellie Harrison is a multi-media artist currently based in Nottingham
Throughout the last four years Ellie has defined a practice inspired by the manipulation and representation of data collected from within her everyday routine. The work is shown as installation, video, digital images and on the web.

Dave Bond
Dave Bond is a member of Reactor, Nottingham.
Bond has created The Random Art Generator (R.A.G.). This is an automated process that has been devised to create paintings by chance. From lists of 2000 different subjects one is chosen by the R.A.G., this selection is duly painted and the process repeated indefinitely.
The R.A.G. lists were compiled using no external form of reference; every subject on the lists came from memory and therefore acts as an encyclopaedia of the artist’s mind. There was no editing of the lists, they are simply a record the first 2000 possible subjects that were thought of. Once an item is chosen, an image is acquired that is deemed to be a true representation of the selection and the painting is made from this image.

Ayling & Conroy
Bruce Ayling & Hannah Conroy work in collaboration. Their work includes painting, sculpture and installation.
Recent Solo exhibitions:
Eyesore Sundae, Spectacle Gallery, Birmingham, UK
Fight for Sore Eyes, My House Gallery, Sideshow, Nottingham, UK
Recent Group exhibitions:
Phoenix Gallery, Brighton UK
Stuff Happens, Angel Row Gallery, Nottingham UK
Gallery 01, Zagreb, Croatia

Faye Claridge
Based in Birmingham.
Recently attended an artists residency at The New Art Gallery Walsall
Recent solo exhibitions:
The Legend of the Artist is Just a Legend, The New Art Galelry Walsall, UK
Make My Day, Periscope, Birmingham, UK
Making History, Seven Museum venues, Birmingham, UK
Commercial History, The Window, Birmingham, UK
Recent group exhibitions:
International Viewpoints, Vivid, Birmingham, UK
Repatriating The Ark, Museum of Garden History, London, UK