Another Roadside Attraction - Evening of Artist Films

Another Roadside Attraction is an organisation dedicated to the promotion of new contemporary art. One of our current projects is a monthly video art evening in the Griffin pub in Shoreditch. The event has no central unifying theme to allow artists and the viewer to play a more active roll in its outcome, acting instead as an international survey of cutting edge and progressive film and video art.

"What Another Roadside Attraction is doing has been done before and we claim no originality for doing what artists have always done; creating opportunities for showing art that is good as well as participating in a wider cultural scene. But if it's been done before, it's worth doing over again with new work and new places, keeping current, evolving and relevant. Although for practical reasons we often exhibit work within the traditional white cube space we are by no means limited by it and are always looking for new ways to disseminate art.

"What is important to us is an integrity independent of the ebbs and flows of the market, choosing art based more on its cultural and creative merit. Our purpose is to develop a program without pretence and complacency that instead provides a platform dedicated to thinking, researching and producing."

Another Roadside Attraction are currently taking submissions of artists' film for future screenings, see the call for submissions for further information.

Another Roadside Attraction - Call For Submissions