Anna Best - The Sticky Silver Track

As part of the 25th Birthday programme, Barbican Art Gallery has commissioned London-based artist Anna Best to work within the unique context of the Barbican Estate.

Intrigued by the collision of private, residential and public space that is very particular to the ‘citadel’ of the Barbican, Best stages an ephemeral ‘gallery’ of images inspired by the landscape and life of the Estate. These ‘images’ – momentary, moving events – unfold on the public walkways and on the Sculpture Court. In Best’s imagination the Barbican becomes a metaphorical setting – like a fortress or a labyrinth, in a children’s fairy tale – through which visitors are invited to make a journey full of mysterious encounters and surprising sights.

Fascinated by the arcane bye-laws that govern life on the Estate, Best has devised a piece that attempts to introduce incoherency and elements of the absurd into this carefully controlled environment. Happen upon a wandering pantomime mule or find an unusual stash of treasure where chewing gum sparkles silver. Catch the sound of farmyard animals and snatch a glimpse of strange long-haired people. Dodge a crowd of toddlers setting off on a mass rally and enjoy the spectacle of a group of babies tucking into a three course meal at a very special restaurant.