AERNOUT MIK - @ Camden Arts Centre

Mik is intrigued by the social dynamics of groups of people and their behaviours in different, often bizarre, contexts.

'Training Ground' (2006) is a simulation of a police training arena - a situation that slips between uncertain acting and brutal reality.

'Raw Footage' (2006) shows unused documentary footage from the war in former Yugoslavia. It was not broadcast at the time because of its lack of dramatic content - it shows the ordinary and often absurd in the extraordinary. 'Scapegoats' (2006) is a staged fictional event recalling the aftermath of recent disasters and the behaviour of people invested with powers they would not normally have. As the film progresses the roles become interchangeable.

Finally 'Vacuum Room' (2005) is presented on intimate, enveloping, panoramic screens. Taking on ideas of covering and uncovering, masking and unmasking, scenes from a political assembly move from order to chaos when disrupted by a group of young protestors.

Mik's film installations are rooted in sculpture and are environments audiences walk through. There is no classic cinematic narrative or sound - we make our own assumptions from the action played out before us.