A co-authored xenogeographic mission presented by a.a.s.

Earlier this year, a covert organisation called NPC Corporation recruited suitable 'agents' to gather information and compete against each other in a training programme disguised as a game. They went through a gruelling initiation process and discovered many secrets about each other and those known only as "Control".

It has since been discovered that there was more to this mission than initially thought: echoes of the encounters were seen and heard across the country, most of all in the East End of London. Something strange seems to be bubbling under the surface of the city, a zone of instability has developed around Five Years Gallery and the team have set up base there to map what is going on and what can be done to avert disaster. The Control Room will be open to the public at Five Years from Fri 28 Sep until Sun 7 Oct 2007.

a.a.s. have worked with approximately 200 artist-participants since 2001, using a range of strategies, such as gallery-based group shows; sales of multiples; performance events; collaborative installations and interactive games. Their key interests are encouraging audience-participants to share the authorship and bring all elements of a project into the overall artwork.

a.a.s. exists as an idea, a programme, a quality, a function that is put into play by those who are part of it. There are no fixed members: participants are absorbed into particular projects as required.