The SPILL Symposium - SPILL Festival in collaboration with the Live Art Development Agency

What are the possibilities of radical, contemporary performance: what forms can it take, where can it be located, what can it do, and who can it be for?  A gathering of influential international artists, producers and commentators will discuss different strategies of performance making and presenting, and new ways of activating audiences.

The SPILL Symposium hopes to unpack some of the baggage associated with 'experimental' and 'radical' theatre and performance practices, look at the kinds of work we would like to see in our cultural centres, and consider why these kinds of work are important and who they might be important to.

The two day Symposium sets out to consider different ways of working with the production, presentation, distribution and discussion of contemporary theatre and performance practices, and propose new models for a more sustainable future. The first day of the symposium will be structured around conceptual issues: polemics and presentations asking what kind of forms contemporary theatre and performance can take, what are the lineages of such work, who are they for, where can they be located, what can they do and say, what can be said about them, and why they are important.  The second day will be structured around more practical and discussions: case studies and models of practices around these questions and particularly in relation to the making and touring of contemporary work, to the sharing of existing models, and to the propositions of future strategies for cultural frameworks, critical dialogues and new audiences.

Cost: £50 / £30
For full details of topics and speakers see website