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•How do artists relate to the art market?
•Why is there no significant commercial system in Birmingham or the West Midlands?
•Are regional networks over-reliant on the current art funding structures?
•What are the alternatives to the commercial gallery system?

A NAN event organised with artist-led organisation Matt-Roberts Arts, Roadshow West Midlands: Ecosystem will see curators, artists, art market experts and groups from across Britain join in the debate about development and sustainability of the arts market in the West Midlands region. Through knowledge sharing about projects and strategies, success stories, recurring problems and strategies, the event will discuss ideas for future support structures in this area of the UK. The event will also offer a chance for participants to shape future NAN events by suggesting themes and issues that matter to them.

Roadshow West Midlands: Ecosystem is the third of a series of events for artists organised by NAN in collaboration with arts organisations and artist-led initiatives in the UK, exploring how artists in different areas of the country relate to the art world and market in light of current and future trends in state funding, as well as probing new ways in which the NAN initiative can respond to the needs of artists.


Ruth Claxton
– Birmingham-based artist. She has shown widely in the UK and is represented by Arquebuse in Geneva. She is also a member of artist-led group Self Service, whose current project is Pub Conversations

Tom Godfrey
– artist and co-curator of Moot, a Nottingham-based artist-led gallery. Tom is also Gallery and Exhibitions Coordinator for Wilkinson Gallery, a commercial gallery in East London

Susan McNally – Art Consultant and Project Manager and Co-Producer of New Art Birmingham

Matt Roberts – Founder of Matt-Roberts Arts, a not-for-profit artist-led organisation founded in December 2006, to create opportunities for early career artists in new locations and new contexts, and to link up networks in London with potential partners across Britain.

Ian Vines
– Exhibition and Programme Coordinator at the Potteries Museum in Hanley, Stoke-on-Trent.

The event will also exclusively present artists’ projects from Ayling&Conroy – artists and curators of My House Projects

After the event cabs will be available to take invitees to the AirSpace Gallery for AirVideo: “The World Around You”, a video event curated by Matt Roberts and Yu-Chen Wang of Basement Art Project.

The intended deadline for booking tickets was 10 Mar 2007. However, there are still a number of places available by emailing or telephoning 0191 241 8000.
A CV and short statement on why you would like to attend are required, places are awarded to artists who demonstrate the event’s benefit to them rather than on a first come basis.

Cost: £15, or free if you’re a current a-n subscriber (returnable deposit required).