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MOUNT PURGATORY - Maeve Rendle @ Apartment

Apartment is delighted to present Mount Purgatory, a show by Maeve Rendle. The work is a culmination of a twelve month ‘residency’ at Apartment and was made during a week in residence. Mount Purgatory looks at ways in which art works come into being. The artist gives herself the challenge of completing a task. The process of under taking this task creates a fresh environment in which to think. It is in this thinking environment that the work begins to emerge. The artist sees her job as uncovering an artwork that is already there, rather than one of enabling a pre-conceived idea to be made real. In this respect the artist responds directly to her immediate physical environment using the materials and tools with which it provides her. The work presented for exhibition is a sequence of photographs taken over the period of time the artist was in residence.

Apartment is an artist led project and exhibition space in a one-bedroom council flat in a sixties tower block in central Manchester. Artists show work alongside the everyday objects in the flat and make work in response to issues surrounding the location of the space. The space is co-run by artists Hilary Jack and Paul Harfleet; the current resident, who continues to live in the flat alongside the activity that occurs.

Who: Maeve Rendle
Mount Purgatory (exhibition)
49 Lamport Court, Lamport Close, Ardwick, Manchester M1 7EG
When: Fri 9 - Sun 11 Mar 2007, one weekend only,
11am - 4pm or by appointment
Associated Event:
Opening Thu 8 Mar 2007, 6 - 9pm
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tel: Paul Harfleet on
07870 244153