TOURING EXHIBITION - Call for Submissions

Touring exhibition in late 2007 to mark the bicentennial of the abolition of the slave trade. The exhibition is supported by AMPS (Arts and Music Promotion Service) and BEMA (Black and Ethnic Minority Arts). The exhibition will include the work of seven artists and tour to major cities around the UK including two venues in London. Some of the venues will be non-gallery art spaces. The tour will offer many opportunities for the artists and high profile events at each venue.

Applications are sought from artists from different areas (roughly relating to the cities mentioned above). These artists will be from different cultural backgrounds and offer exiting and varied artforms.

Please make your application by email to Arlene: or

Please submit details about yourself (including where you are based and cultural background), context of your work, CV and examples of work (or website).

What: Call for submissions for touring exhibition
Deadline: Fri 25 May 2007
When: November - December 2007
Where: The tour will travel to Bristol, London, Bradford, Cambridge, Bedford, Stoke on Trent and Liverpool.
Artist Fee: £1,000 plus materials budget
Contact: Arlene: