POSTED 1 - an international inter-disciplinary poster project

Cork-based artist collaboration SKART (not to be confused with the Belgrade-based organisation of the same name) invites submissions of images and texts from all artists for POSTED 1. This will be an international interdisciplinary curated poster project to be presented in 12 venues across the world and online simultaneously. The selected images/texts will be reproduced as a set of A3 posters, to be displayed in each venue for 2 weeks and then destroyed. All submissions will be placed on SKART's project website. Selection will be made by SKART with Rene Zechlin (Curator of Exhibitions, Glucksman Gallery, Cork) and Trevor Joyce (Poet, Chair of SoundEye).

This project aims to challenge the increasingly unquestioned commodification of images, writing, and public blank wall space through a temporary installation of posters that are not advertisements. The idea for this project came from a frustration with the lack of motivation among artists to engage with the public outside of the gallery/exhibition space, and how advertisers have appropriated public wall spaces.

In 1960 Paul Goodman (Compulsory Miseducation, Penguin, 1960), U.S. literary and social critic, argued that “…when the purpose of advertising was to give information… it was useful to be able to read; when the point of advertising is to create synthetic demand, it is better not to be able to read.” Could the same be said of visual literacy? When the purpose of images is to stimulate, inspire, inform, challenge, etc. it is useful to recognise and pay attention to the images; when the point of images is purely as an advertising tool (whether for a product or the artist) would it be better to not notice or pay attention?

POSTED 1 will be presented in two formats - online and as a printed exhibition. The website ( - under construction) will be the hub of the entire project. It will contain:

-information identifying each image in the printed exhibition with the artist who’s work it depicts
-a gallery of all submissions
-a forum to facilitate open discussion on the selections and the selection process
-a gallery documenting each stage of the POSTED project in each host venue, with images taken by the hosts
- links to participating and selected artists, artists groups, support organisations, gallery spaces
- links to relevant artists’ networks and resources around the world

To submit work:
Send representation of your work as jpeg or text (maximum 3) to before Sat 21 Apr 2007.

What: Call for submissions for POSTED 1
Send submissions to:
Deadline: Sat 21 Apr 2007
Further Information:
- POSTED 1 event: Mon 18 - Sat 30 Jun 2007
- View SKART website